Welcome to Colorado. It's time to learn to ride a Snowbike! : Why Brenter Snowbikes?
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Welcome to Colorado. It's time to learn to ride a Snowbike!

by Roger Hollenbeck on 07/20/15

Welcome to Colorado, This coming winter we’ll learn to ride a Snowbike

First of all here are some things to know about snow bike

A Snowbike is very light weight and easy to handle.  less than 20 lbs. 
It’s very easy to carry  or push along the snow
There are two ways to slow down and stop with a Snowbike. 
you will learn these in a minute. 
After your first time learning to ride correctly Snowbiking is all about where you ride not how you ride.  You can ride out on the slopes with skiers and snowboards and sometimes you can ride in the tree glades where it’s a wonderful adventure finding your way.  

Foot skis are easy to put and take off. These enable you to move forward in the lift line and help slide along the snow and slowdown.

S   To ride a Snowbike first take the basic position- arms straight, elbows locked, knees and feet together.

In Breckenridge we meet near the slopes, review what you saw on the “Learn to Ride” video and then move down the slope to the lift

S   moving forward  through the lift line with snow bike on outside
we use small skating steps pushing the bike along.  You may also use skating movements.

S    To load on to the chair lift.
        move forward to the loading point sit down on the chair and  set the snow bike on lap, hang on tight with both hands

Now we can lower the safety bar

S    When we un-load from the chairlift
       stand up at the unloading point and set bike down on ramp
       push the bike forward ahead of you,  glide to a stop. 

S   To slow down turn to the left or right this is how we do that
     Simply tilt head to the right and turn head to the right to turn right
     This movement rotates the spine which rotates the bike in that 
     direction.  Skid the back ski.  NO PRESSURE ON FEET.
     To turn left Tilt head and turn head to left and feel the bike rotate to the left. 

     You may also control your speed with your foot skis.  Simply rotate the ski tips up to apply pressure on the tails of the foot skis under your heel.  You may use this method as a beginner or when riding down through special tree runs. However  you should always avoid using your foot skis as brakes when you are skilled at riding on the open ski slopes where there are skiers or snowboarders. Expert Snowbikers only slow down skidding to the right or left. 

if you have any questions simply review this video
Basic position
lift loading and unloading
moving forward in the lift line
turning to each side tilting head and skidding the back ski.  No pressure on feet.  Practice your turns to stop across the slope.  Always stay in control. 

S    Most important - Have fun. 

Special features:
To load the Snowbike into the gondola car
   first we take off our foot skis,  stand on the left side of the snow bike and put your left foot on the front ski behind the fork.  Unclamp the handle bar and rotate 90 deg. then tightened the clamp.  Gently lift the handle bar/bike and rotate it forward over the front ski and press down. Grab by the frame and hold vertically,  pick up foot skis and to the gondola

To disassemble the Snowbike and put into a car.   Unclamp handle bars and remove, lift frame up over front fork post.  You will now have five parts. 
  1. frame/saddle/rear ski
  2. handle bar
  3. front fork and ski
  4. two foot skis

To pack the Snowbike into a Snowbike carry bag. disassemble the bike into five parts and with an allen wrench loosen the bolts on the saddle spring clamp and remove the saddle.  rotate the front fork forward so the top of the fork post is meets the tip of the front ski.  Place the parts into the bag using bubble wrap or ski clothes as cushion. 

Give us a call if you have any questions about the Snowbike or riding one.  970-389-7006

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