Why Brenter Snowbikes?
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Why Brenter Snowbikes?

B6 Skibike my second time

by Roger Hollenbeck on 01/16/15

Last week I found out how almost 20 years of riding a Brenter Snowbike affects the B6  Experience.    No foot skis!!!  Just jeans and Sorels for ski wear!  Wow, so warming up on Rip's Ride at Breckenridge Peak 8  I found it's really fun to make these short but well rounded controlled turns feeling the short skis grab at every opportunity.  Perfecting this feeling in my torso was exhilarating and I found myself exaggerating the body movements.  Pressing, tipping, pushing out the rear ski on a full carve. Moving over to the Colorado Super Chair it was up to the Vista Haus and down Spruce which is a black diamond.  Normally, riding a Brenter C6 Snowbike I would head into the treed gully just right of the chairlift at the top but with no foot skis it was no thanks!!  So I used my short but well rounded completed turns for the upper section and stayed along the right edge of the slope next to but not in the trees.  Finally arriving at the last steeper pitch I have to admit I bailed and put my down hill foot onto the snow.  I've seen Peggers do this occasionally and now I know why.    I stop turned down the pitch then started my short rounders again.    What did I learn from this?   When you are not wearing foot skis your world is so restricted you miss out on experiencing 50% of the available terrain at the ski resort.   No tree runs, no gullies, no berms.   Having said that I'm going to keep practicing.   Secretly though I'm hoping some "Pegger" will come up and "advise" me of how great Skibiking is.   Can't wait!! 

Rotary Ride 2015

by Roger Hollenbeck on 01/04/15

Vail's Rotary Ride 2015 is just around the corner.  We're up to 34 riders so far.  Looks like a great challenge for the Front Range and Rocky Mountain Snowbike team to pull this off.  We're really excited.  It's a fun group and super big.  Photo shoot on top of Chair 14!!! 

Everyone is riding Snowbike at Breckenridge

by Roger Hollenbeck on 01/04/15

Wow, What a last two weeks!  Riders of all kinds joined Snowbiking this holiday season. Starting with people with sore knees,  sprained ankle from snowboarding, 

10 twenty somethings out there en mass,  one particularly fun group comprised of one skier, one who hadn't skied in 13 years and one who gave up trying to ski the day before. Yesterday???....mom couldn't ski because of a knee issue and afraid of injury + son sore boot from snowboarding.  The son's third run down was from top of Beaver Run Chair, Peak Nine in Breck. One surprise call came from Beaver Creek where a family bought two C6's and rented six more for the holidays.   Experience gained from Vail's Adventure Ridge enabled this family to "Own the Mountain" at the Beav!    I love this  sport. 

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