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Team Building with Snowbikes
The true purpose of team building is to motivate; identify the strengths of team members; improve team productivity and communication; make the workplace more enjoyable; and help participants to learn more about themselves.    

The most common activities and exercises for team building are for instance: communication, problem solving, decision-making, planning/adaptability exercises and trust exercises. >>>>>>>>
Snowbiking allows you to accomplish all of these components through group viewing of brief instructional presentation and analysis. Planning and decision making is achieved through product assembly. Problem solving and adaptability is gained with low stress on slope group-self instruction exercises.  Trust is built through encouragement by others throughout the activity.  Fun is achieved by everyone getting on the slopes in the fresh mountain air together and having the time of their life!!
Only Snowbiking can offer a way to use the ski slopes as a team building venue.  Here's why
1.  It's very intuitive to learn. Through our team building course groups teach themselves and each other how to ride and take the lift.  Low stress and no instructor needed.

2.  It only takes one run down and a trip up the lift to connect and feel comfortable and safe.  Built in speed control works effortlessly and immediately.  No skiing experience required.  If you can ride a bike you can ride a Snowbike.

3. The equipment is very light weight so everyone in the group can be successful. The take away is a team building experience combined with learning a new winter sport. 
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