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Pick-up/Drop Off Rental Information

Thank you for your interest in renting a Snowbike for pick up/drop off!

  • A pick-up/drop-off rental is intended to allow experienced Snowbikers to pick up a Snowbike at a location in Frisco, CO, and ride wherever they want to.
  • You must have rented with us before or can present a valid Brenter Snowbike card.
  • Please wear ski or snowboard boots while riding the Snowbike.
  • Call 970-389-7006 or 970-393-0839 to determine pick-up and drop-off location
  • Altitude sickness is common among guests that arrive from lower elevations. Prior to coming to Breckenridge, please call Dr. David Gray at 970-389-7999 to learn how to prevent altitude sickness. NO REFUNDS will be issued due to altitude sickness.
  • After your rental please lock your bike at the pick-up location.
  • Finally, please watch the learn-to-ride video below: