Pricing & Reservations

Important Information

  • Bring your lift ticket (can be purchased online)
  • Wear snowboard boots or ski boots
  • Bring hat/helmet and goggles
  • You may rent boots, all ski clothes, gloves, helmets etc at the shop. Please allow 30 min. extra time for accessory rentals paperwork and fitting.
  • Please call 970-453-2055 for more info

Pick up Location:

Ridden, 520 South Main Street, at 9:00 am


Had a great time with the snow bikes! I myself am NOT a skiier, and thought I would be waiting around for my friends while they hit the slopes, but this will get you up there with them. I have a replaced ankle on the right (disabled vet), and had no problems. Tom was a great help with the slight learning curve, was hitting the blues by lunch. If you can ride a bicycle, you can do this. When we go skiing, I will be going snow biking!


San Antonio, Texas